HCI 2014 17th International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions - Bariloche - Argentina

Sunday (Aug 31)

18:00 Reception and Registration


Monday (Sep 1)

9:00 Opening

9:20 The new International System of Units based on fundamental constants

Joachim Ullrich  – RL 

10:05 A penning trap experiment with ions in extreme laser fields

Manuel Vogel – ST 

10:25 Coffee Break

11:00 Fragmentation of small molecules (including biological ones) interacting with ions, electrons and synchrotron radiation

Eduardo Ch. Montenegro  – PR

11:30 Proton track-structure in biological matter: Water versus DNA

Christophe Champion – ST 

11:50 Introducing m3c: software for statistical simulation of molecular fragmentation processes

Néstor Aguirre  – ST 

12:10 Fragmentation mechanisms for methane induced by electron impact

Baoren Wei  – ST  

12:30 Lunch

14:30  Interaction of slow highly charged ions with ultrathin membranes – Potential sputtering, energy loss and charge exchange

Richard Wilhelm  – PR

15:00 HCI/surface interaction and magnetization

Christophe Prigent – ST 

15:20-17:20 Poster Session A


Tuesday (Sep 2)

9:00 Quantum interference of fast atoms scattered off crystal surfaces

María S. Gravielle  – RL

9:45 Structural evolution of metallic nanowires induced by GeV highly charged ion irradiation

Jinglay Duan  – ST

10:05 Mechanism of ion desorption from rare gas solids by low energy multiply-charged ion impact

Takato Hirayama  – ST

10:25 Coffee Break

11:00 Compton polarimetry of hard X-rays emitted in collisions of heavy ions with atoms and electrons

Günter Weber  –  PR  

11:30 X-ray line width measurements of highly charged argon ions in an electron-cyclotron resonance ion source

José P. Santos  – ST 

11:50 Recoil effect for Boron-like ions in magnetic field

Arseniy Shchepetnov  – ST

12:10 Laser spectroscopy of the ground-state hyperfine structure in H-like and Li-like Bismuth

Jonas Vollbrecht  – ST

12:30 Lunch

14:30 PAH radiative cooling and fragmentation kinematics studied within an electrostatic ring

Richard Brédy  – PR 

15:00 Highly charged ions in Coulomb crystals

José Crespo Urrutia  – PR 

15:30 Ion stopping power measurements in warm dense plasmas

Sophia Chen  – PR 

16:00 Electron emission in collisions of dressed projectiles with atoms and molecules

Daniel Fregenal   – LR 


19:00 – 20:30 Wonders of the Southern Skies

Guillermo Abramson - Public Lecture


Wednesday (Sep 3)

9:00 Spectroscopic diagnostics of fusion plasmas

Martin O’Mullane  – RL

9:45 Preferential near site electron capture in low energy ion-dimer collisions

Xavier Fléchard  – ST 

10:05 Electron impact excitation of SI II and Fe XIV

Kanti Aggarwal  – ST 

10:25 Coffee Break

11:00  Breakthrough in near–k-edge photoionization of singly and multiply charged ions

Alfred Müller – PR 

11:30 X-ray frequency comb generation via optical control of highly charged ions

Zoltan Harman – ST 

11:50 Plasmon excitation in valence shell photoelectron spectroscopy for PAHS

Preeti Mishra – ST

12:10  Diagnostic of plasma parameters based on the X-ray line positions for various elements

E. Szymańska– ST

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Free for tours 


Thursday (Sep 4)

9.00 Interaction of charged particles with insulating capillary targets – The guiding effect

Christoph Lemell  – RL 

9:45 Ion-induced reactivity in pyrene clusters

Michael Gatchell  – ST 

10:05 Observation of 2s metastable state formation in resonant coherent excitation of H-like Ar17+

Yuji Nakano – ST 

10:25 Coffee Break

11:00 The role of multiple electron capture in the X-ray emission process following charge exchange collisions of HCI with neutral targets

Sebastián Otranto – PR  

11:30 Beyond first order electron loss to continuum ELC cusp: dσ/dEe for 50 AMev U28+ in the ESR storage ring

Siegbert Hagmann – ST

11:50 Radiative double electron capture by bare ions

Nuwan Kumara – ST 

12:10 Charge exchange produced emission of Carbon in the extreme ultraviolet spectral region

Jaan Lepson – ST 

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Highly charged ions for improved mass measurements

Stephan Ettenauer – PR 

15:00 Highly-charged ions for atomic clocks, search for the variation of the fine-structure constant, and quantum information

Marianna Safronova – PR

15:30 - 17:30 Poster Session B

19:00 - 22:00 Conference Dinner


Friday (Sep 5)

9:00 Multiphoton ionization of atoms, molecules and clusters by intense X-ray pulses from FELs

Kiyoshi Ueda – RL  

09:45 FLASH upgrade: using ultra-short FEL radiation to study the interaction of hci with soft X-ray photons

Guenter Brenner  – ST  

10:05 Coffee Break

10:40 Characterization of a double-sided Si(Li) strip Compton polarimeter

Karl-Heinz Blumenhagen  – ST  

11:00 Recombination results from the Shanghai EBITs

Lu Di  – PR 

11:30 A miniature EBIT with ion extraction for isolating highly charged ions

Shannon Hoogerheide  – ST 

11:50  RF-bunching of the relativistic C3+ ion beam for laser cooling experiment at the CSRE

Hanbing Wang  – ST 

12:10 Closing

12:30 Lunch

14:30 Visit to INVAP


RL: Review Lectures

PR: Progress Reports

ST: Special Topic

LR: Local Report 

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